• Rotmans_Diningroom_Custom_Canadel

    A Diningroom for all Seasons

    If you’ve been longing for the type of diningroom that’s so inviting and beautiful, it seems to call you to the table, then we can surely help. We have a very robust collection of…

    October 21, 2015
  • Young couple shopping, man smiling at woman on sofa becasue of no interest credit offers

    No Interest Financing

      Buying home furnishings and flooring should be fun! Whether you are doing a small project, buying one special piece of accent furniture, investing in better sleep with a new mattress or furnishing a…

    October 14, 2015
  • rotmans_livingroom_football_KR4d_Easton_LB126885_152

    Fall is Football Season

    How To Game Plan For The Ultimate Football Get-Together! The first leaves of the season are falling from the trees in the yard (Sigh). No doubt a sign of more to come, but, rather…

    October 8, 2015
  • Rotmans Leather Livingroom

    Whether To Go Leather

    Are you one of those people who likes the look or style of leather furniture, but never consider it because you worry that you’ll stick to it? Or it doesn’t work in a home…

    September 30, 2015
  • rotmans mattress

    6 Tips for Buying the Right Mattress

    Buying the right mattress might be the greatest investment you’ll make for your health this year. Sleeping on the proper mattress will help you get the rest your body needs to live a healthy…

    September 9, 2015