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February 23, 2016

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Lift Recliners provide a boost!

As technology continues to advance, it affects, influences, and improves the conveniences of nearly every aspect of all of our everyday lives. Laptops, tablets, smart phones, and updates and improvements found in our kitchens, cars, classrooms, offices, and beyond have made life better in many cases. It was only a matter of time before  technology would factor into the improvements, choices, and options available in furniture. So, if you’re looking to buy a recliner, or perhaps to replace a current one, a power lift recliner that can assist with gently and safely raising you to your feet, may be the recliner for you.

Shoppers typically focus – and rightfully so – on comfort, style, fabric, quality, and color when it comes to deciding on furniture.  But, for the shopper who has health and physical concerns, it becomes increasingly important to take those challenges into consideration when making a furniture purchase. We all use our recliners for multiple purposes these days.  We sit, relax, visit with family and friends, but also watch TV, check out the internet, gaming, reading, napping/sleeping, and more.  For those who may have a injury or perhaps a chronic condition such as a bad back, difficulty with walking, or poor leg circulation, etc… a power lift recliner that provides the comfort and convenience of allowing you to automatically adjust to nearly any position – including lowering you to the floor/the seated position and raising you to your feet – may be a necessity.

need a lift recliner?

Lift recliners can help the elderly and those with chronic physical ailments remain independent and allow them to stay in their homes without outside help from nursing care, family, or friends and to maintain their lifestyle by safely assisting them to get in and out of their recliner.  The mechanics of the chair enable it to automatically raise or lower as desired so that the user can easily and safely stand up and/or sit down with just the touch of a button.


Powered either by an electrical outlet or battery pack, there are numerous options available in lift recliners that will give you the ability to position yourself anywhere between standard sitting and lay-flat recline. There are two position, three position, infinite position, and even zero gravity chair options available to suit your needs and preferences. Proper positioning can make a world of difference when dealing with a sore back or legs or other physical issues. Raising the head and feet is known to help improve circulation and slight variations in positioning can reduce pressure on sore joints, muscles, and nerves; relieving pain and providing comfort.

Consider a lift recliner for anyone recovering from injury or recuperating from surgery.  A lift recliner can take away the anxiety and potential pain (as well as the risk of causing further damage, harm, or injury to yourself) of having to force oneself to move by gently and safely moving you to your preferred position by the simple touch of a button or remote. Designed with convenience and comfort at the forefront, a lift recliner can aid in your recovery process and quite literally help to get you back on your feet faster!

lift recliners at rotmans

A lift recliner will provide peace of mind to the family and friends of an elderly person or someone with a health condition, knowing that the lift recliner chair could safely help the individual with the task of standing, sitting, and acquiring comfort while relaxing/sitting.

You’ll also find plenty of lift chair feature options available when choosing or selecting a power lift recliner starting with motion control buttons located directly on the recliner or on a remote control. You can also choose heat and massage options that can provide tremendous health benefits as well as relaxation and comfort. There are also lumbar and head pillow options to consider, as well as an optional footrest extension and modified left-handed control units. Consider positioning type/capability and size of the chair as well when making your decision.

Power lift chairs are simple to operate and provide a reliable and quiet, ultra-smooth and gentle motion lift and recline that can help anyone easily and safely sit or stand on their own without outside assistance. Providing safety, convenience, and comfort, you too can relax and rejuvenate in your own lift chair that can move to virtually any position desired by the simple touch of a button. Whats more, they are now available in a myriad of fabric and leather choices in colors to fit any taste. Many styles can be found with various options and upgrades to complement your lifestyle and to fit your unique wants and needs.

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