Whether To Go Leather

September 30, 2015

Rotmans Leather Livingroom

Are you one of those people who likes the look or style of leather furniture, but never consider it because you worry that you’ll stick to it? Or it doesn’t work in a home with pets? Or small children? It’s too expensive? There are so many preconceptions about leather furniture so today we’ll take a look at some of those concerns and myths regarding leather furniture.



No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it’s pretty much inevitable that at some point your furniture is going to have some sort of drink, dip, or sauce spilled on it. So just how does leather furniture hold up against liquids and spills? Most people tend to think that a mere drop of water or a sip of soda would destroy their leather recliner or couch but in truth, leather is extremely durable and inherently liquid resistant (particularly if treated). Spills can quickly and easily be cleaned from leather furniture with a soft, dry or damp cloth; leaving no stain or evidence of the spill behind.

Rotmans Leather Livingroom

The Fido Factor

One of the biggest worries that people have about their furniture is fear over what damage the family dog or cat might cause to their couch or favorite easy chair. Many avoid purchasing fine leather furniture specifically because of this reason when in actuality leather furniture can be much better than fabric for those with family pets. Cats and Dogs tend to prefer upholstered furniture over leather pieces for napping or lounging. Additionally, they tend to claw, bite, and chew less at leather furniture than fabric furniture. If your pets were to scratch or claw at the furniture (accidentally or on purpose) it may be less damaging than if it were done to some upholstered pieces. Many fabrics run, shred or pull with claw marks and scratches. Leather is typically stronger and more durable than fabric leaving behind much fewer and far less noticeable markings from regular encounters with pets.

Pet fur and hairs also tend to stick to fabric furniture more easily while they can simply be brushed away from leather furnishings. Additionally, pet odors and smells are more likely to seep into and be absorb by fabric furniture than with leather furniture. Overall, the tough and durable nature of leather makes it ideal for everyday use; particularly if you have pets.

What About The Kids?

It’s not just dogs, cats, and other family pets that can be tough on furniture. If you have young children at home – or even visiting nieces and nephews – then you already know the wear and tear that they can dish out to your home furniture. Leather is not only extremely comfortable but also incredibly durable and hard wearing and thus a great choice for families or households with younger children. With constant use, leather furniture often shows less wear than many fabrics and often reaches its perfect condition with a little wear.

rotmans livingroom leather by flexsteelSunlight

Another common concern that people have about leather furniture is fading and discoloration; especially if located in a room with plenty of sunshine and natural light. The truth of the matter is that top grade genuine leather lasts 4 to 5 times longer than fabric with minimal fading issues. Taking care of your leather furniture will ensure it lasts longer. Minimizing the direct contact with sunlight and heat sources will extend the life of any piece of furniture – leather or upholstered. Regular cleaning and conditioning your leather furniture will help to minimize concerns about your sunny room.

A Sticky Situation?

Is it true that you “stick” to leather sofas in the summer and that they can become too hot to sit on in the heat and too cold to sit on during the cold of the winter? It is quite the opposite actually. Leather provides comfortable seating no matter the weather or temperature. Leather is natural and breathable and takes on the temperature of its surroundings as well as body temperature. If you are running a fan or air conditioner in the summer then your leather sofa, sectional, recliner, or chair will provide cool comfort and also adjust with your body temperature as well. The same is true during the winter. Your leather couch or chair will take in the warmth from a heated room (or a nearby fireplace if you are so lucky) and provide a soft, warm comfortable place to sit. Leather furniture will respond to your body temperature providing additional comfort.

Rotmans Leather Livingroom

Ahh-Choose Leather If You Have Allergies!

If you are bothered by allergens like dust, animal fur, pollen and/or pet dander then you may want to go with leather furniture as it does not retain dust, dust mites, pollen, or pet hair/dander as fabric does. Leather can also be quickly cleaned with a cloth to remove any dirt or dust that has settled.

Maintenance, Care, & Cleaning

In general, as referenced earlier, leather can be easier to clean, care for, and maintain than fabric furniture. As leather naturally resists absorbing things such as dust, dirt, pollen, and pet hair it needs only a simple wiping off with a soft towel or damp cloth to regularly keep it clean and looking good. Leather furniture may need some occasional treatment, maintenance, and care to keep it in optimal condition; however, it is not part of the regular or weekly cleaning or care requirements. Please note also that leather is a natural product and can display certain markings and characteristics. These natural characteristics add to the leather’s unique charm, beauty, and appeal.

Rotmans Leather Livingroom

Consider the Options

There are more options than ever in leather furniture, in terms of styles, colors and leather types. Leather options abound now to suit all sorts of styles from traditional to contemporary. Leather pieces can also be combined and coordinated with upholstered pieces to create the perfect living room or den. Using a variety of materials adds texture to any room’s design.


Cost Considerations and Value

Genuine leather furniture is available in a scale of price points. Top grain leather will run higher than other grades but will certainly last longer and may be more cost efficient over time. Leather blends are available to give you the look, feel and benefits of leather at a lower pricepoint. You should decide what to spend based on the look and feel you want, how long you hope to have the furniture, and the everyday use you expect from the pieces.


Both leather and upholstered furniture provide unique looks and advantages, but you should consider both options when shopping. There are many benefits to be had from choosing leather and with the increased availability of colors and ever changing styles, the options are limitless. Don’t let kids or pets or price tags scare you away from test-driving some new leather furniture. It may be the perfect fit.

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