6 Tips for Buying the Right Mattress

September 9, 2015

rotmans mattress

Buying the right mattress might be the greatest investment you’ll make for your health this year. Sleeping on the proper mattress will help you get the rest your body needs to live a healthy life. Lack of sleep has been proven to lead to a greater risk for health concerns like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

We spend a third of our lives in bed. All that tossing and turning costs us. Americans spend over $2 billion a year on sleeping pills and over $6 billion in energy drinks. Rather than spending the money on unhealthy coping mechanisms, invest in the right mattress and give yourself the gift of good sleep.

Rotmans offers a great selection of mattress types and brands to be sure to meet a variety of needs. Our sleep specialists are trained to help you assess your needs and determine the ideal mattress for you. Here are some tips to making your mattress shopping efficient and productive, and set you on the path to better health.

  1. Know what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach? Although you may wake up in a different position, let our sleep specialist know if you start as a side, back or stomach sleeper. This information is crucial in getting the right support for your best possible sleep. Be sure to test the mattress for comfort while lying in the position you most often fall asleep.
  1. Find the right pillow. Once you’ve identified your sleeper type, be sure to select a pillow that works best for that type. Our sleep specialists can help you if needed. Your neck accounts for 20% of your alignment so the proper pillow is very important. Testing out a mattress with the wrong pillow may affect the feel and comfort of the mattress.
  1. Be prepared to spend a little time. Be prepared to spend some time with us. Don’t try to squeeze mattress shopping in between appointments or errands. This is an important decision and it should get your undivided attention. Spend 10-15 minutes or more lying on each serious candidate. In this amount of time, you should be able to determine whether your mattress is supporting you correctly.
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Finding the right mattress

  1. Briefly test different firmnesses. Many mattresses are manufactured in 5 comfort categories: extra firm, firm, plush, firm pillowtop and plush pillowtop. Give all of the different feels a chance before deciding on one or another. Many people arrive thinking they need a firm mattress or a very soft mattress, and then find out that they are mistaken. It sounds overwhelming, but don’t worry. Once you discover which firmness level feels best for your body, you will have eliminated 80 percent of the mattresses in the store. Test only the mattresses that are in your ideal comfort level. Ignore the rest.
  1. Briefly test different materials. There are three main types of mattresses: inner spring, all foam or latex, and hybrids (contain both springs and foam). While you’re in the store, lie down on all three. As with firmness, it’s important to give them all a try. Just because you always had an inner spring mattress, doesn’t mean that is what best fits your needs. Each type has its benefits and you should start with an open mind. Coil mattresses provide support that comes up to meet your body. Some people prefer the feel of floating with memory foam or latex mattresses. A hybrid mattress provides the technology of both foam and coils.
  1. Ask questions. Be prepared to ask questions. Your experience will be so much better if you are comfortable with your sleep specialist and feel you can ask questions or discuss health and lifestyle issues that may play a role in determining your exact needs. If you don’t understand the product or materials, feel free to ask. Ask if a particular bed is ideal for someone with lower back issues or what mattress and foundation combination are best if one sleep partner snores.
  1. Buy that mattress! When you find the mattress that’s exactly right for you, don’t talk yourself into buying something else. Keep an open mind about materials, budgets and benefits and buy the best mattress for you.  Remember, you will sleep on this mattress for thousands of nights. Think of the great sleep and health benefits ahead!

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