Child Mattress Purchasing Tips from A to Zzzz

August 18, 2015



Sweet Dreams:

When it comes to maintaining and improving our health, wellness, and energy, a good night’s sleep ranks right up there with daily diet and exercise. In fact, sleep may truly be the most important part of our health regime when you consider the fact that we spend about a third of our day in our beds. Add that up and it means we spend approximately a third of our lives at sleep – or trying to sleep as the case may be. With so much time spent sleeping – or trying to sleep – it only makes sense to make sure that you find yourself a comfortable and supportive mattress to rest on. Proper sleep is essential for the tall and the small. Let’s not forget that our little ones need a good night’s sleep too. Take the nightmare out of purchasing a mattress for your child – read on for our A to Zzzz Child Mattress Purchasing Guide.

Sleep Tight

The quality of our children’s sleep directly impacts their ability to think, grow, learn, stay active and healthy,… and of course to focus and to do their very best in school. And, what may be most important…the more sleep your children get, the more sleep you will get! Most experts – including doctors, sleep professionals, and Moms and Dads – believe that kids need at least 9 hours of sleep a night to optimize their health and well-being. In turn, nothing affects your child’s ability to get a great night’s sleep more so than a good quality mattress. The temptation may be there to just pick up an inexpensive mattress or bargain brand for your son or daughter with the thought that “we can get by with this” when they are transitioning from a crib or toddler bed to a kids bed, but remember the vital impact that the mattress will have on your child’s health. While many of the same rules apply when selecting a mattress for your own bed, there are a few additional things to consider when making that “big kid bed” mattress purchase for your child. First on the list is selecting the proper size of mattress for your child.




Sizing It Up

When buying a mattress for yourself – or for you and your partner – you might automatically think King or Queen size but selecting a mattress size for a youngster presents its own unique set of circumstances. If you’re looking for a mattress for a tot or toddler that is just moving on from their crib or toddler bed then a twin size bed would seem to make the most sense. There are other factors to consider, however, when choosing the right size mattress for your child. Think about the size of the bedroom itself and what size of bed/mattress the room can comfortably contain along with your child’s other furnishings. Also consider the fact that a quality mattress will last around 10 years so your child may be using this same mattress from the time that they are a toddler to well into their teen years. That said, you’re best to choose a mattress size that not only cradles and comforts them now, but will also provide great use and that will be large enough for them throughout their middle school and possibly even their high school years. So, instead of instantly buying a twin size mattress, think long-term and consider the largest size mattress that your child’s room can accommodate that still makes good sense regarding overall room space. A twin XL size that provides extra length and leg room may be a good fit or even a full or queen size mattress/bed in some instances. While a larger sleeping area/size also provides more room to move and stretch during sleep, the greatest benefit of a larger size bed for a child is longevity; a quality, proper-sized mattress can last them throughout their childhood and teen years.

Support Yourself

Support. We can’t make it through the day – let alone life – without it. Proper support is also pivotal in selecting a mattress for our children. You can maximize your child’s ability to get a healing and restful sleep by selecting a mattress for them that provides proper comfort and support for them for today, tomorrow, and as they grow into adulthood. A mattress with a solid support system will assist with keeping your spine in proper alignment and provide pressure relief which can help eliminate “tossing and turning” and provide your child with a sensational and sound sleep.

A Matter of Comfort

Just like mattresses for adults, kids’ mattresses are available in a variety mattress makes and types including innerspring coil, memory foam, latex mattresses, or hybrid-style mattresses combining innerspring and memory foam. Innerspring mattresses consist of a series of coils on the inside, delivering a firmness that offers efficient support to the back/spine. If your child prefers a softer feel, a memory foam mattress – which contours to the shape of the body and has more “give” – may be a better choice. A latex mattress falls somewhere in the middle of an innerspring and a memory foam mattress in terms of feel; providing a soft, yet firm surface. The more traditional innerspring style mattresses are a great choice for children based both on quality and comfort as well pricing, however, the level of comfort and the firmness vs. softness quotient is completely personal and subjective. So… why not include your son or daughter in the decision and take them to the store to try out some mattresses to see what they like best?



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Just like in the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you have to try out a few mattresses before you can decide just what type of mattress is best for you. If your son or daughter is old enough then you might want to consider taking them to the store with you to test out some of the mattresses. You may want to limit the number of mattress options for your child in advance based on pricing/budget and also so that the task will not become too overwhelming for your child. If testing out mattresses before you make your decision seems odd then just think,… would you ever buy a car without test driving it? A mattress purchase is an important purchase so take the time to test them out and make sure that you are choosing the right one.


You Can Depend On Me

Remember also that you are better off purchasing a good-quality, durable mattress that will stand the test of time and last your child for many years rather than one that will lose it shape and form and need to be replaced in a year or two. Keep in mind as well that it would not be unusual for kids to use their mattress as a trampoline or wrestling mat in addition to napping and sleeping so the durability factor is of major importance for kids.


Wallet Wonderings

The cost of mattresses can range greatly from considerably expensive to incredibly affordable. In some regards, you do get what you pay for and the price point to a degree does determine quality. Instead of concentrating on the price point or brand name, however, think about what features and comforts that you want in your child’s mattress. Focus on mattress types that best suit you and your child’s needs – this will ultimately provide the best value. It really makes no sense – and saves you no money – to buy a cheap, used, or inexpensive mattress that will wear out quickly and need to be replaced soon. Search out good, comfortable, and supportive mattresses for your children that will be durable, dependable, and provide years of use.

The Dust Off

If you have a child with asthma or other allergies then you may want to consider buying a hypoallergenic mattress. These mattresses are manufactured of allergen-resistant materials. Latex foam-style mattresses for example are both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Another option would be to purchase a zippered case for your child’s mattress to help prevent dust mites and allergens.





Mattress shopping for your child can be confusing and frustrating mainly due to the fact that nearly all mattresses look the same from the outside and it is difficult to tell the difference between a good-quality mattress and a cheap alternative simply by looking at the mattress with the naked eye. That’s why you need to do your homework in advance. Put together a list of needs and questions to discuss when you visit the store.


A Dream Come True

Kids outgrow their bikes, shoes, sneakers, and clothes so quickly and get too old for certain toys and games but a quality, supportive mattress can last them for many years. Seek out good-quality mattresses for your kids that offer proper support combined with comfort features that work best for them. Invest a little time and money in the right mattress for your child and guarantee them better health as well as a great night’s sleep – and for you!

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