Consider Rolling Out The (Red) Carpet

July 24, 2015

Rotmans carpet Karastan wall to wall


Well – maybe not red.

Why you should consider Wall to Wall Carpeting for your home

Are you ready to kick off your shoes and enjoy the soft comfort of walking on wall to wall carpeting? Even while hardwood and laminate flooring as well as luxury linoleum and tile continue to grow in popularity, wall to wall carpeting still accounts for more than half of all flooring types sold in the U.S. today. Why you ask? Well,… to begin with,… carpeting is incredibly versatile and is easy to care for and maintain. It’s soft exterior provides an ideal surface to lounge and relax on,… or a great spot to sit and play with your children or grandchildren. Carpeting also can be safer for both the young and young at heart to walk on as it offers good walking traction as well as a soft landing spot should an unexpected trip or fall occur. But,… bumps and bruises notwithstanding,… there are a host of other reasons to cover up the hardwood or laminate flooring and to make the call for carpeting to go wall to wall once again.


Comfort & Joy

Whereas hardwood, linoleum, laminate, or tile flooring can come across as hard, cold, and uninviting, wall to wall carpeting provides the ultimate in comfort for your family. It’s ideal for the bedroom, living room, family room, office, or entertainment room – or anywhere a soft feel is welcomed underneath your feet. Modern day carpet manufacturers keep your lifestyle and needs at the forefront and are producing the softest, most comfortable, and foot-friendly carpeting of all-time. The combination of technology and material combine to form carpeting that is extremely comfortable as well as hard-wearing and durable. Carpeting is perfect for infants, toddlers, and kids of any age and offers a soft and comfortable place for all to sit, relax, and play.

Karastan carpet available at Rotmans


Versatility Factor

Wall to Wall carpeting can be used to cover over scratched or stained hardwood floors, damaged concrete surfaces, and warped or uneven flooring of any kind with ease. It is available in a limitless number of styles, colors, patterns, and textures creating endless decorating possibilities. Nothing else other than carpeting can change the entire look of a room so quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Furthermore it can be used in virtually any type of room in any type of house, condo, apartment, or setting of any kind.

Durability and Life Span

Today’s carpeting is made to stand up to heavy foot traffic and the daily punishment that your kids, family, and friends can dish out. Whatsmore, carpeting is not prone to scuffs, scrapes, and scratches like hardwood or laminate flooring can be. I mean, don’t you just hate it when you try to slide or move something across your hardwood or laminate flooring and it leaves an obvious scratch? With stain resistant material and fibers now available spills can also be quickly and easily cleaned up with little effort. Overall, carpeting is constructed to last a very long time and with very little maintenance will continue to look great and work well for your family for 20 years or more depending on the make, warranty, and manufacturer.


Insulation Motivation

Installing wall to wall carpeting can also provide additional insulation to your home or apartment as carpeting prevents both warm and cool air from escaping from your home. This can be a tremendous benefit when it comes to your heating or air conditioner costs as you will have to heat and cool your home less (according to the season). During the winter and/or cooler times of the year, carpeting retains heat longer and in warmer weather, it actually insulates against heat and high temps, resulting in a direct impact on energy costs.



Safety First

While hardwood, tile, linoleum, or laminate flooring can be slippery and difficult to walk on – especially if it becomes dusty or wet from a spill – carpeting provides a safe and secure surface to walk upon that is also unaffected by dust or liquids. That said, it reduces slips and falls and minimizes injuries should a fall ever occur due to its cushioning nature. This is particularly important and helpful for young children and older adults as well as for those living with them.


Easy Living

Fitting in just fine with your family and its lifestyle, wall to wall carpeting is easy to care for and clean; requiring nothing more than weekly vacuuming to keep it looking good. There is no commitment needed for sweeping, mopping, waxing, or refinishing as with hardwood, tile, laminate flooring, or linoleum. In a matter of a couple of days after cleaning hardwood/laminate flooring it can start to look dusty and dirty already and become littered with pet hair and fur if you have cats or dogs in the house. What’s worse, this dirt, dust, and pet hair tends to stick to your feet and you end up dragging it all around the house. Normal maintenance and cleaning of carpeting does not take any special equipment nor require any expertise and with advances made in material and carpet fibers – as well as “stain resistant” carpeting options -cleaning that occasional spill is easier than ever.

Karastan carpet available at rotmansrotmans carpet

Sound Advice

Carpeting can absorb and reduce noise better than any other flooring type. Not only does it help to block the sound of walking and foot traffic by working as a cushioned barrier between floors and greatly reducing the amount of sound transmitted to rooms below and throughout the house, it also helps to actually absorb and eliminate sound vibrations. We live in a noisy world these days with constant noise being emitted from our computers, laptops, or tablets, as well as from our oversized, flat screen TVs. And,… if you have teenagers in the house,… you know all too well how loud they can blast their music. Carpeting works to muffle and reduce all of these sounds and noises resulting in a more relaxed and restful you!


Clearing the Air

Breathe easy allergy sufferers because carpeting can actually be a better choice for you than hardwood or laminate. Today’s carpeting can improve overall air quality by trapping dust, pet dander, and other allergens. It essentially acts as a passive air filter of sorts by keeping dust, pollen, and allergens away from the breathing zone. Now you know!


It Warrants The Attention

Most carpet manufacturers offer tremendous warranties with your purchase so both you and your floor will be covered once it is installed.


It Won’t Break The Bank

Wall to Wall carpeting not only looks great, feels great, provides insulation, noise reduction, and inherent safety qualities, and is easy to maintain and care for,… it also is extremely affordable. Carpeting can cost significantly less than hardwood flooring so it is not only efficient, but economical as well. Additionally, wall to wall carpeting is simpler and easier to install than hardwood, laminate, linoleum, or tile and therefore less costly to install as it is far less labor heavy or involved. In other words, installing wall to wall carpeting won’t break the bank.


All Things Considered…

When you consider all of the facts and information you can easily understand why wall to wall carpeting continues to be the best seller among all flooring types. Beyond its look, incredible number of options, styles, and color, – as well as its versatility and easy care maintenance – carpeting also offers substantial health, safety, and cost advantages while still providing optimal durability and comfort for all.

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