Sofa and Loveseat -OR- Sectional Seating…

May 29, 2015




One of the bigger decisions you’ll make when considering seating, is the choice between a sectional and a sofa. As sectionals continue to gain in popularity, more people are wondering whether the tried and true sofa and loveseat combo is really what they want or need. The size of your room, the level of formality and how you plan to live in your room will all affect your choice.


For sure, a sofa, loveseat, or even a 2 sofa combination is considered a more traditional approach to seating. It can be symmetrical, and conjures up a more formal decorating style. We sit on our sofa or loveseat, as opposed to “sinking into” a sectional. Livingrooms seem to call for sofas and loveseats.


The sectional, on the other hand, inspires comfort and relaxation. We can picture ourselves cozying up with family members to hang out, or watch TV. Although there are indeed “formal” sectionals, many are built for comfort, offering options like extra padding, built in cup holders and reclining seats. This type of sectional works best in a family room.

Finally, many believe that a sofa, loveseat combo is a more versatile choice. Unless you choose a modular sectional with interchangeable pieces, a sectional sofa cannot be configured more than one way. It is what is is, and most often requires a large space and an accommodating layout.

Of course, with all decorating “rules“, the rule is that there are no rules. Your home is your haven and at the end of the day, whatever makes you happy and most comfortable is exactly what you should do. Visit Rotmans to see hundreds of options and be prepared to be inspired!

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